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Up to 40% off ODEON Tickets!




ODEON have cinemas throughout the UK and as a member of the GMB Union you are entitled to up to 40% off their tickets.

Simply click on the link below to register to gain access to this offer.


How does this offer work?

We’ve teamed up with “The Cinema Society” to offer this to our members. All you need to do is go to their website and register to access the offers. It costs you nothing to register.

Once you register and log in you will be able to use the “Cinema Finder” function to find your nearest participating cinema, or if you know which cinema chain you want tickets for then you can go straight to buy your tickets.


Buying Tickets

Unlike buying off cinemas directly you don’t need to specify the specific film, day or time that you want to visit the cinema.  You actually buy vouchers from the site, each voucher is valid as payment for one ticket at the cinema.

It works like this:

  1. Buy the relevant type and quantity of vouchers from the site
  2. Receive them instantly by email
  3. Either visit the cinema’s own website to book tickets (entering your voucher codes to pay for them) or go to the cinema as normal and hand over the vouchers to pay!  One Voucher = One Ticket!

If in doubt contact The Cinema Society through their contact us page and they will guide you through. Occasionally some cinemas may be running a special offer so it’s worth checking the cinemas own prices first as on rare occasions you may be able to get a better price from the cinema, otherwise why not save up to 40% off the cost of your tickets (and in some cases popcorn and drinks too!)